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Colorado Wind Brings More Jobs

Colorado’s windy plains continue to be a cash crop, now for green collar jobs. Gov. Ritter’s leadership in building the New Energy Economy resulted in today’s announcement by Vestas that they are bringing more jobs to the state.

News Release | Environment Colorado

PUC urging Tri-State to move into 21st century

The Colorado Public Utilities Commission questioned officials from Colorado’s second largest electricity provider Wednesday on their commitment to incorporating clean energy into the company’s resource plan and to realistically planning for the significant costs of climate protection.

News Release | Environment Colorado

Building an energy-efficient America

Energy efficiency buildings can save money, reduce energy use, and cut global warming pollution

News Release | Environment Colorado

Park-In to Drive Down Pain at the Pump

Surrounded by hybrid and alternative fuel car owners staging a park-in, Environment Colorado Research & Policy Center released Beyond Oil: The Transportation Fuels That Can Help Reduce Global Warming, a report outlining policies that will wean the United States from oil to cleaner, more secure alternatives.

News Release | Environment Colorado

Meeting the Governor's challenge to stop global warming

Last month, the Governor set a statewide goal for cutting global warming pollution 20 percent by 2020. Environment Colorado’s A Blueprint for Action: Meeting Colorado’s Goals for Reducing Global Warming Pollution describes sixteen policies that will achieve that goal and get us on a solid path to reaching the goal of an 80 percent reduction by 2050.