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Colorado Becomes the First Interior State to Pursue Advanced Clean Car Standards

Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper today announced an executive order directing Colorado air quality officials to begin a process to adopt state advanced clean car standards in response to the Trump administration’s expected rollback of federal rules. The governor’s executive order will make Colorado the first state in the interior of the country to chart the path of enacting these standards, and it will give Coloradans strong safeguards from air pollution caused by gasoline and diesel vehicles.

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Electric buses reduce carbon pollution that drives climate change

Denver’s transit agency, RTD, is one of the only large transit agencies in the country that has deployed electric buses in its fleet, reducing air pollution and saving money according to a new report on electric buses by Environment Colorado Research and Policy Center, CoPIRG Foundation and Frontier Group. RTD currently has 36 electric buses. If American transit agencies converted all of their buses to electric, the United States could save more than 2 million tons of greenhouse gas emissions each year.

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Denver the No. Nine Solar City in New Report

DENVER - The City and County of Denver ranks ninth for solar energy in a new report, landing it among the nation’s leaders for installing clean energy from the sun.

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Rollback of Federal Clean Car Standards Bad for Colorado Wallets, Health, Environment

Coloradans have saved $550 million at the pump and avoided putting dangerous smog-forming pollutants into our air since the federal government adopted clean car standards in 2012. Despite having huge benefits for Coloradans’ pocketbooks and Colorado’s air, the Trump administration intends to roll back the clean car standards.

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Colorado Springs Needs 1,000 More Electric Vehicle Charging Stations by 2030

Colorado Springs – With electric vehicles (EVs) hitting Colorado streets in record numbers, a new study by Environment Colorado Research & Policy Center, CoPIRG Foundation, and Frontier Group finds that the city of Colorado Springs will need to add nearly 1,000 electric vehicle charging stations to public places to be ready for the estimated 26,000 electric vehicles that could be on city streets by 2030. Currently, Colorado Springs has approximately 50 publicly accessible charging stations on streets, in parking garages, and at businesses.