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News Release | Environment Colorado

As Obama takes his oath of office, he makes a promise to "Repower America"

To see exactly what today's inauguration of Barack Obama means for America, look no farther than the White House website.

News Release | Environment Colorado

Clean energy is the foundation of America’s economic future

New report lays out blueprint for economic recovery and environmental protection

News Release | Environment Colorado

Feeling the Heat: Global Warming and Rising Temperatures in the United States

As we approach the final weeks of the presidential campaign, Environment Colorado released a new report documenting that temperatures are on the rise across Colorado with Denver setting a record for the number of 90 degree days.

News Release | Environment Colorado

Colorado Wind Brings More Jobs

Colorado’s windy plains continue to be a cash crop, now for green collar jobs. Gov. Ritter’s leadership in building the New Energy Economy resulted in today’s announcement by Vestas that they are bringing more jobs to the state.

News Release | Environment Colorado

PUC urging Tri-State to move into 21st century

The Colorado Public Utilities Commission questioned officials from Colorado’s second largest electricity provider Wednesday on their commitment to incorporating clean energy into the company’s resource plan and to realistically planning for the significant costs of climate protection.